The Art of Stone Masonry

One of the oldest crafts work in history is stone masonry. It goes way back to when human beings were evolving in the Neolithic Revolution. This is when even the animals were being domesticated for the very first time. Human beings were using stone cuttings as tools of work. They also went ahead and constructed strong durable structures with stones. Trade came up as time went by where people used to sell crafts carved from stones. To learn more about Stone Masonry,  click here. Stonemason's skills demand continued to increase in the ancient times. Up to date, people highly value stonemasons because of their creativity and quality work.

Stone masonry is the art of creating buildings, structures and sculptures using stone from underneath the surface of the earth. It involves making sometimes simple carvings from stones or even some well cut geometrical shapes that have some level of complexity. A mason is a person who is involved in the process of stonemasonry. They include quarry men, who are involved in extracting stones from the ground, sawyers whose work is cutting stones into blocks or cuboids, banker masons who shape stones according to the design required, carvers who bring in their artistic skills into the stone work and memorial masons who curve grave stones and inscriptions.

A memorial stone is not just a piece of art. It is the last gift that people give to their loved ones. That is why so much emphasis is given on this. The headstone, the inscriptions that are going to be on the grave of a loved one are very essential. It is what people are going to be seeing every time they come to pay tribute to the person lying beneath. To get more info, click A Clarke Memorials.  Sometimes they may become dirty and withered but there are masonry organizations that do the cleanup work and also renovations. 

When choosing a memorial consultancy organization, go for one which is known to produce good quality and durable headstones and stone work. There are a variety of stones to choose from including granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone and many others. It all depends on what one wants to be constructed and the surrounding conditions of where the stone is going to be laid. For example, granite and marble are really good for grave stones for they can withstand even the rains and bad weather conditions. Masonries are well trained to handle all these issues like experts. Learn more from